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The Importance Of Fence Repair For Your Home

Over time, your home fencing is subjected to wear and tear due to snow, wind, rain, freeze-thaw cycles, and underground shifts. And if traces of damage and decay occur, then it’s an indication that you need to fix it immediately. Proper repair of your front yard and backyard fencing is necessary as it ensures the security of your property.

And if you want to know more, then we suggest you continue reading as we are going to discuss the importance of fence repair for your home in today’s blog post.

Why Is It Necessary To Repair Your Fence?

Fence repair is necessary because of weather damage.

To be specific, severe conditions like heavy rainfall, harsh winds, salt air, and snowstorms can degrade your fence and may even cause some parts to break entirely.

Aside from that, vandals and vehicle damage are also seen as other causes for destroying the integrity of your enclosure.

Moreover, insect infestation is also considered as a damaging cause for wooden fences.

What Type Of Repairs You Need To Do?

  • If part of your fence is already rotting, then the damaged area has to be cut using a saw and then replaced it with a new block of wood to prevent the decay from spreading.

  • Rusted or popped nails that are already sticking out have to be replaced to avert further damage and the possibility of injury or snagging your clothes.

  • The dampness of the ground can cause your fence to sag or become unstable. If this happens, then place a tension rod or brace on the affected part to prevent the entire fence wall from falling down.

  • The post of the fence has to be repaired if it is placed on a hole that is too big or is already rotting as well by placing concrete or small stones in the hole or replacing the damaged post with a new one.

Tips In Fence Maintenance

Once you’re done with the fence repair, you also have to consider doing regular maintenance to ensure your fence will remain sturdy and durable for a very long time:

Here are some tips you can follow for proper fence maintenance:

  • Clear off vines and leaves off the fence.

  • Then, pressure wash your fence to remove any dirt and impurities trapped in the crevices and make sure to dry it completely afterwards.

- Apply a coat of varnish to protect the wood from decaying and maintain the pleasant look of your fence.

- And finally, see to it that your sprinkler system is situated far away from where your fence is located to avoid damage due to moist or humid ground.

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